Cloud & Hosting Solutions

What is cloud computing ?

Cloud computing is the delivery of data and programs over the internet instead of needing a physical hard drive to store data on.

The shift away from traditional software models to software as a service (SAAS) has been a big movement in the last decade and will show to be far more dominant in the upcoming years. Internet has changed the way businesses  operate significantly and with faster speeds more capabilities have been attained.

How can cloud computing benefit you ?

  • Flexible resources which allows you to scale up and down quickly

  • Applications and data are accessible from any connected device

  • Hardware and computer failures will not result in data loss

  • You pay for what you use

  • With less reliance on hardware, costs will reduce

  • Sophisticated security measures for the company's specific requirements 

Email Hosting & Management

Providing a range of email hosting solutions, backed by support.

  • Microsoft Office 365 & Hosted Exchange.

  • Disaster Recovery & Spam Filtering - ensuring continuity.

  • Email platform migration - from legacy to the cloud.

  • Flexible hosting plans to cater to your requirements.

  • On-call support team ready to assist.

  • Backed by industry leading up-times.

Cloud & Hosting Solutions

The sky's the limit when it comes to hosting - we provide a wide variety of platforms for your specific needs.

  • Domain Hosting and Management.

  • Fully customisable Cloud Hosted Servers.

  • Software As A Service Solutions - flexible licensing and options.

  • On-premise infrastructure migration to the cloud.

  • Range of backup solutions for cloud platforms for reassurance.

  • Backed by industry leading up-times & local support team.

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